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Community business at the heart of meaningful & inclusive climate action.

We are putting the climate and nature crisis at the forefront and heart of every single decision that Power to Change makes.

We believe this will help to deliver on our vision and mission of strengthening community businesses so that they can play a leading role in a fair and rapid transition and in creating resilient places. We also believe it is the right thing to do as a charitable funder in the midst of this crisis and a decisive decade of action.

We will use our platform to advocate for wider, systemic change and the role of community business in this.

The everyday climate heroes

Meet two community business leaders who are the faces of a new campaign highlighting local action on climate. 

Sandra Salazar D’eca

Sandra Salazar D’eca is the founder of GoGrowWithLove & head grower at Black Rootz, the UK’s first multigenerational black-led growing project.

a football coach talks to a group of young players on the pitch

Ibe Hayter

Community hero Ibe Hayter founded Cycle of Life to encourage people in his local area to take up cycling.

Community Climate Action
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“We believe that climate injustice goes hand in hand with social injustice, and that caring for the planet provides a huge opportunity to care for ourselves and our communities.”

Power to Change grantee

Community climate action


How you can get involved


We’ve partnered with AimHi to run a Climate and Sustainability Leadership training course for the community business sector. 

We want to know how your community is tackling the climate crisis. How are you engaging local people with the issue? And could your action plan be replicated and implemented elsewhere? Let us know.

Get in touch to help shape a new, multimillion-pound climate action funding and support programme for the community business sector, which will launch in 2022. Contact us today.

Driving positive change

The latest case studies from community businesses all over the country taking action on climate. 


Pollenize uses the power of community and science to fight against pollinator decline.

a football coach talks to a group of young players on the pitch

Banister House Solar

Residents of Banister House turned disillusion into the UK’s largest community-owned solar energy project on social housing.