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The world has transformed since Power to Change opened its doors in 2015, but what does the future look like for the communities that play a powerful role in our lives?

We work with communities to shape a brighter future, using the latest research, cutting-edge data and innovative technologies.

For communities

Our work gives communities the knowledge they need to change where they live. Whether it is taking back their high streets, reviving their local pub or delivering critical services; we work with communities to find the facts that count and the means to make ideas happen.

For local and regional government

Each local and regional authority knows its constituents the best, so where do we start adding value? We have a depth of experience in understanding what works to empower communities. Ways of turning insight into action. The methods by which communities and local authorities can act on the results of any survey, report or exploration of data.

This work builds on our successes to date, which have seen community businesses integrated into strategies from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the West Midlands Combined Authority as well as local authority approaches to asset transfer and other policies.

So from our popular and practical guides to tailored research commissioned by local authorities, we are here to help everyone who cares about this country to build back better.

For policymakers

We enable decision-makers in Whitehall to connect with insights and voices of communities from across the country. And our work provides objective, rigorous evidence about not just what needs to be done to support communities, but also about how to do it – the means by which government policy can successfully strengthen and nurture our communities. With the most comprehensive evidence base on community business ever assembled, we are here to help make change happen.

We commission high quality research that promotes rigorous analysis and stimulates critical scrutiny and debate. All structured to influence policy, define best practice and inspire real change.

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