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What if you had the power to make your community a better place for the people who live and work there? 

We believe that community businesses are central to creating a stronger and more resilient country – starting locally.

Community businesses create a sense of belonging. They bring strength and stability to local places, improving their areas by starting a community shop, saving their public halls, running their local football club, or buying the last pub in the village. Community businesses spread wealth, power and opportunity to where it is needed the most. 

By coming together with their grit, ingenuity, and local knowledge, communities can thrive. Power to Change is the trust that backs community businesses in England. We help communities use shared power and business to transform where they live.

General support

For tools, tips and ideas for starting a community business, or growing and developing yours, or just making your community a better place, visit MyCommunity.

Meet like-minded people, and grow your network

Connect with community business leaders who can help provide support, guidance and a place to share your views and inspiring news. Community Business Patchwork is run by and for community businesses in the UK.

Communities that have experience of racial inequity

The Ubele Initiative supports a wide range of community organisations through social action, development and leadership initiatives.

Find funding for your community business

Power to Change provides funding and support for community businesses, have a look at our open programmes.

What else is out there? 

Find out more about the support you can receive from some of our partner organisations.

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