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Introducing the young changemakers actively making their areas better places to live and work.

Driven by passion, grit and integrity, we’re telling the stories of those who have found their calling: positions where they can live their values. They surround themselves with others who are doing incredible things for their communities and ensure that support is accessible for all.

#MyCommunityBusiness shines a light on the people behind your favourite music venue, on those who are saving a space for future generations and those preserving history and enabling healing too.

From the young people of Frome tackling the climate crisis, to those challenging perceptions and teaching school children it’s not just men who play rugby. We’ll introduce you to the team reducing mental health inequalities for marginalized people, through hip hop therapy, to those taking on developers to save one of London’s surviving LGBTQ+ spaces.


Stories of change

Community businesses are a mechanism to transform the progressive social intentions of younger generations into meaningful and sustainable community action.

However, currently there are limitations to young people’s involvement in community business, and only 7% of community businesses are led by 18 – 35 year olds.

At Power to Change, we know that with the right support, young people can strengthen the community business sector. Our report showcases the many ways young people came to be involved in community businesses, the inspirational impact they’re having, and how community businesses, funders and young people can create a more inclusive, diverse and dynamic sector. 

Coalville CAN

“Levelling the playing field” by offering free resource packs for positive thinking,
this community business is now trying to place town centre buildings
in the hands of Coalville’s community.

Global Grooves

Developing new and emerging artists in music,
dance and visual arts, through carnival arts.

Hip Hop Heals

A Birmingham-based organisation that
bridges the gap between hip hop and therapy.


A collection, regeneration and delivery service for Frome’s food waste.

Trinity Centre

A community arts venue putting Bristol
on the map and keeping community at its heart.

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation

From hosting free rugby camps to thousands of children
every year to offering disability teams, this foundation
is aiming to serve everyone in its community.

Sister Midnight

The young women on a mission to establish Lewisham’s
first community owned live music venue.

People Dem Collective

From a living room meet up to plans to take over
a five-story building, People Dem Collective
are proudly taking up space in Margate.

Friends of the Joiners Arms

A strong community standing up to save threatened
LGBTQ+ spaces in Tower Hamlets, London.

Future Yard

A brand new community venue in one of the country’s most
deprived wards exists as a template for how contemporary music venues
can be run while proudly proclaiming: The Future is Birkenhead.

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