Are you a community business leader?

Why people get involved with community businesses

Why is Liverpool the location of the week?

Community-led housing in the spotlight

Why communities matter to the future of social care

Vidhya Alakeson looks at the role of communities in creating social infrastructure for a stronger #s...

Now we are three

On the occasion of their third birthday, Vidhya Alakeson reflects on the three things she has been m...

Above all, breathe.

Tips learnt from the Wavelength Conference which all community business leaders should aim to rememb...

A community energy hat-trick

Community energy groups cleaned up at the Green Energy Awards 2017.

Hope for Housing

Highlights from the first ever community-led housing conference

The birth of the tiny house movement in Bristol

More and more people are opting for tiny homes with lower-running costs, lower ecological footprint ...

Over 30 years of community-led housing in Hull

Local people building their own homes and reinvesting profits into local training and employment.

12 questions to explore community accountability

What questions should we be asking about community accountability?

How SITR could cause more of a stir

Ged Devlin reflects on the SITR stats

Land and data for the common good

How can civic trusts help to reform data governance, 800 years after the Charter of the Forest.

'The best networks are like family': The value of community business networks

Bill Graham shares why he values local, city-wide and national community business networks.

Travel through time at Locality Convention ‘17 with the launch of ‘A History of Community Business’

For the third year in a row, Power to Change are sponsoring the Locality Convention

What is benchmarking... and why should we care?

We benchmark all the time. It is just that we tend not to call it that.

What is a weekend?

Last weekend saw 200+ community business opened their doors for #CBwkd17

Warm words and concrete policy

Party conference season is a good time to take the temperature of what different parties are thinkin...

How to support work/life balance for part-time workers

Part-time workers have different needs. It's important for organisations to support them.

'Tooling up' to address the housing crisis

What do communities need if they are to build their own homes?

Barnstorms – what community businesses can learn from political campaigning

What do the Labour party, Bernie Sanders and The Bristol Cable, a community-owned newspaper, have in...

Top 5 tips for window art: Why all community businesses should be doing it

Why doodling on your windows is a trick not to miss for community businesses

How funding rejection can motivate success

Bill Graham reflects on his own successful and unsuccessful moments as the leader of a community bus...

9 tips to put your community business on the map

9 tips, gleaned from community businesses themselves, to get yourself on the map.

Opening up our data

Why Power to Change is opening up its grants data

'More importantly we were smiling’: how volunteering at my local community business supported me as a trans-woman

Victoria shares her experience coming out and the support on offer at her local community business

Known knowns in social investment

We need better data on social investment – and we need to make better use of what we have.

After the NHS – a CHS?

A new social care system is a prize worth fighting for

Making a reality of the 'shared society'

Is Theresa May prepared to give away power?

Community housing: More than a stair-cleaning rota

People want good homes in the areas they love. Communities can lead the way.

Night thoughts on members

We want to be able to set out the principles for meaningful involvement of members.

What is up for grabs at the General Election?

Politicians are in election mode. We must tell them what we care about

3 tips for community decision making

Tips and tools from social movement makers at Marmalade '17

Flaunting your assets

Public assets are on the frontline when we decide what we want our communities to look like

Five ways you can change where you live for the better

How to join people all over the country who are stepping up to help their communities

Nuns, courtesans and the funding of community business

Power to Change explores community shares and the long history of social lending

After the budget: What next for our towns and neighbourhoods?

It is time for the government to change its role in local communities

Why shared society is exactly what we need

More and more it is up to community businesses and voluntary organisations to deliver social change...

Meaning business – Power to Change turns two

Community businesses give back control to local people

Alternative routes to improving mental health

How community business supports mental wellbeing