A community shares revolution has been quietly sweeping the country

The Community Shares Booster programme has been pivotal to the community shares revolution.

Platform: A town centre property innovation programme

How do we make it easier for communities to access town centre property and space?

Fans must control football clubs for communities to thrive | Vidhya Alakeson

Football, the clubs and their grounds, are about far more than business. They sit at the very heart ...

Better Business 2021 Surveys for Community Pubs and Shops

Georgina Edwards, Plunkett Foundation’s Information Hub Manager, introduces their new Better Busines...

Powering up community businesses!

As the Powering Up programme re-opens for applications, we take a look at how it works and what's in...

Budget 2021: Analysis of the government’s levelling up and community investments

A dizzying array of funds with similar names were announced at the budget this week, many which fell...

Meet more successful grantees of Community Business Renewal Fund

Meeting the grantees using their grants to support their communities through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Better Way Network

The Better Way Network is a network of Leaders who want to improve services and build strong communi...

Biting the ‘better’ bullet: Can community business make places better?

What do we mean by 'better places'? Can community businesses really transform their local areas?

New community energy peer mentoring programme

Could you support the next generation of community energy organisations?

Opening the lid on Empowering Places: Welcome to the year of accountability

Programme manager Bonnie Hewson reflects on the progress of the programme

Three key recommendations from Onward’s new report

We need to give communities the power and capital to shape their neighbourhoods

Meet the successful grantees of Community Business Renewal Fund

Meeting the grantees using their grants to support their communities through the pandemic

How 2020 put our name to the test – celebrating the community business sector

In this blog series, we’re looking back at this difficult, unforgettable year and the many ways Powe...

How 2020 put our name to the test – measuring impact and making the case for community business

In this blog series, we’re looking back at this difficult, unforgettable year and the many ways Powe...

How 2020 put our name to the test – place-focused programmes and digital skills

In this blog series, we’re looking back at this difficult, unforgettable year and the many ways Powe...

How 2020 put our name to the test – pivoting programmes 

In this blog series, we’re looking back at this difficult, unforgettable year and the many ways Powe...

How 2020 put our name to the test

In this blog series, we’re looking back at this difficult, unforgettable year and the many ways Powe...

From crisis to community empowerment

Lauren Pennycook, Senior Policy and Development Officer at Carnegie UK Trust, looks at the learnings...

Community business and those ‘left behind’ places

As we say goodbye to Mark Gordon, he reflects on his time working with community business

How to build a multi-million emergency funding programme in 35 days

Charlotte Cassedanne and Rose Seagrief look back at the development of the CCLORS fund

The biggest challenge community businesses face might be how we describe their challenges

We need to change the way we talk about the challenges of community business, says Bonnie Hewson

What's next for the UK's high streets?

Our aims to put community at the heart of town centres, by Policy Manager, Nick Plumb.

Why the Chancellor needs to put his trust in our communities

Vidhya Alakeson looks ahead to the Government's 2020 spending review

Tony Armstrong: How keeping it local can help the Covid recovery

By unlocking the power of community, local authorities can create more responsive services, says Loc...

The power of the crowd!

Power to Change has launched two new matched funding programmes. So how are they different?

The new civic high street

The New Civic High Street was the culmination of a series of webinars run by Power to Change, lookin...

Helping communities thrive in 100 days: 6 months on

Last year, Nesta's 100 Day Challenge launched in Liverpool. Here we, Nesta and Liverpool City Counci...

Who controls the high street?

The second of the Power to Change High Streets webinar series on 14th October investigated the issue...

Farewell to the founders

Communications and Partnerships Director Mark Gordon says goodbye to two founding members of the Com...

Choose Communities: Buy Social

Choose Communities: Buy Social will be taking place from 15-17 October and is a chance to raise the ...

Has the time come for Community Improvement Districts?

Power to Change brought together a panel to discuss governance models to enable the formal participa...

Covid update: hospitality restrictions

A brief update regarding the latest legal requirements for the hospitality sector, to tackle the ris...

Partnering for impact: supporting a stronger sector

Our unique learning approach, innovation in grant funding and Power to Change’s community business e...

Communities Week: 21 - 25 September 2020

Communities Week 2020: an annual celebration of all of the work by people, businesses and organisati...

Can a wellbeing approach help towns to flourish?

Liz Zeidler, Chief Executive of Centre for Thriving Places, explores the role of wellbeing in growin...

Communities care… communities, the foundational economy and social care

Outlining the importance of civil society in post-Covid planning, how that influences and impacts re...

Watch now: our first online Community Business Festival!

On 13-14 August, Power to Change hosted the first ever online Community Business Festival, showcasin...

New support available for community businesses

With our partners, we have launched a support package for community businesses including a range of ...

Your community business has got big decisions to make – we’re here to help

We’re offering 20 free places to help community businesses with their finances

Shifting the Balance

Simon Kaye introduces NLGN's new project, Shifting the Balance of Community Power

Is Eat Out to Help Out right for your business?

How can community cafes and pubs safely attract customers back through their doors?

Embracing change to maintain community connection through Covid-19

As lockdown eases, Steve Sharma considers how communication has changed forever

How to create a reassuring and welcoming in-person customer experience post-lockdown

Charlotte Cassedanne, Head of Communications at Power to Change, shares some tips

What will it take to save our high streets?

Our Policy Manager, Tom Hamilton Shaw, reacts to the Grimsey review

Community Energy Fortnight

Community Energy England launch Community Energy Fortnight online

No more business as usual: How community energy can build back better

This Community Energy Fortnight, Will Walker reflects on the success so far, and what comes next

High streets face a ‘new normal’ with old problems

Vidhya Alakeson writes about the future of high streets post-lockdown for the Financial Times

Emerging from lockdown: responding to the emergency in our communities

Kate Stewart takes stock of how we have responded to the COVID-19 crisis within our communities

We have the power to change - The Ubele Initiative

Rianna Raymond-Williams highlights the work Ubele are doing to support BAME communities

Squatting the Economy

Erika Rushton shares her thoughts on how Liverpool businesses have responded to the crisis

Notes on post Covid-19 recovery

Paul Gutherson reflects on the potential for post COVID-19 recovery in communities.

Recognising the value of community assets

Hannah Ormston of the Carnegie UK Trust reflects on community asset transfers and how they can stren...

Local Heroes: How to sustain community spirit beyond Covid-19

Find out how community businesses can play a key role in harnessing all the goodwill that has been u...

Response to the government's Covid-19 social package

Vidhya Alakeson, our CEO, outlines our response

Bill Graham: The world changed

Community business leader Bill Graham reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on community business

How Power to Change is supporting the community business sector in response to Covid-19

What we're doing to support vital, locally based, frontline organisations

Government support for community businesses in response to Covid-19

We will be updating this blog as new packages of support are announced by Government

The crucial role community businesses play in crisis

Protecting the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods

Budget 2020: lacking the substance to achieve levelling up

Our CEO Vidhya Alakeson breaks down the budget and what it means for our communities

Budget 2020: How to ‘level up’ for real – put communities in charge

When you give local people real power, extraordinary things can happen

Celebrating the women leading community business: Fazeela Hanif, Highfield Community Association

The final IWD post features a woman who works to improve young people's lives in Keighley

Celebrating the women leading community business: Grace Harrison, Kitty’s Launderette

The third IWD post features one of the founding members of Kitty's Launderette in Liverpool

Celebrating the women leading community business: Kim Johnson MP, Squash Liverpool

In the second IWD post, we spoke to MP Kim Johnson about being a woman in business and politics

Celebrating the women leading community business: Nat Mady, Hackney Herbal

To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020, we spoke to the founder of Hackney Herbal CIC

In conversation with: Jonathan Atkinson

From books to energy, Jonathan Atkinson is well-versed in the world of community business

"Much valued services will disappear if we don't invest in and professionalise the role of volunteer coordinators"

The Health and Social Care Community of Practice reflect on the role of volunteer coordinators

In conversation with: Jen McKevitt

The community-led regeneration champion reflects on her experiences

Celebrating climate confident community businesses

Community Business Weekend is an annual, national celebration

Empowering community businesses in a digital world

Currently, there are 11.3 million adults in the UK lacking one or more basic digital skills

In conversation with: Rebecca Luff

The community business founder and social entrepreneur looks back on her experience

Happy 5th birthday to us!

As we celebrate our fifth birthday, we're outlining the two commitments we’re making this year

Reflecting on how Brexit will affect community business

CEO Vidhya Alakeson reflects on how the UK’s departure from the EU will affect the sector

Meet the Community Business Weekend Ambassadors!

For Community Business Weekend 2020, we will be working with ambassadors covering every region

Celebrating the community businesses supporting young people

For Rosie Wild, learning about the community businesses working for young people was one of her stan...

A reflection on the General Election result, by CEO Vidhya Alakeson

As the dust settles from the outcome of the General Election, Vidhya Alakeson reflects on the result

The unsustainability of current social prescribing models

Community business leaders from around the country look at the potential for health and social care

In conversation with: Simeon Ripley

The development trust specialist reflects on his time working in communities

Five things we’ve learned about new community energy models

Next Generation consortium member and partner at Everoze, Felicity Jones, shares her learnings

In conversation with: Angie Wright

The community building expert and chief executive of B-Inspired shares her experience

A round of applause for the rural community business heroes

The Rural Community Business Awards celebrates the achievements of rural community businesses

In conversation with: Finn Jensen

Community energy pioneer shares his wisdom

Do we need a Community Power Act? A response by CEO Vidhya Alakeson

A blog by Power to Change CEO Vidhya Alakeson

A tour of community businesses in Liverpool City Region

In the run up to Power to Change's In Our Hands event with Wirral Council, we went on a tour of comm...

#CheersTo the community pub!

From Monday 21st October – Friday 1st November, Power to Change will be hosting a community pub craw...

Putting community business in the spotlight for party conference season

It has been a busy party conference season at Power To Change. Our CEO, Vidhya Alakeson, Ailbhe McNa...

Working with local government - a guide for community businesses

A new guide and webinar, designed to help community businesses understand and work with local govern...

Cheers to the success of the More than a Pub programme!

In Communities Week it’s nice to celebrate success stories, and there’s much to give us cheer in a n...

Communities Week 2019 - celebrating the people making their communities better

Community business is at the heart of local change and this Communities Week, Power to Change are sh...

Communities taking the lead in health through space, time, power and a good brew

What it takes for communities to be in the lead of their own health

Community-led markets can make community-led high streets

As high streets continue to struggle, we need to look at alternative ways to ensure they return to b...

By deeds and their results: promising government approach to communities

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government has released a new framework that sets ho...

Sustainable Development and Social Business in Jamaica

Yvonne Field, Founder and Director of the Ubele Initiative, recently shared her learnings at the Jam...

A Better Stronger Towns Fund

A IPPR North/Power to Change long blog by Vidhya Alakeson and Jack Hunter

The cycle of the empowering leader

Discover BUD's steps in the cycle to become an empowering leader

2019 Community Business Weekend flourishes

The fourth edition of Community Business Weekend took place this month from 16-19 May.

Work at our level, don’t ask us to work at yours

Giles Piercy, who is part of Power to Change’s Community of Practice looking at health and social ca...

Open to all: Research to benefit community businesses

Suzanne Perry, Power to Change Research Officer and Hanan Farah, CharityWorks Taster Associate

Does your community business need a boost?

As Community Business Weekend approaches (16-19 May), Alice Wharton from Co-operatives UK reflects o...

Creating a more inclusive economy involves joining up economic and social policy

Inspired by last week's event which launched the recent report published by Power to Change by the H...

Power up North West

Guest blogger Nina Edge, an artist and campaigner from Liverpool 8 reflects on the Power to Change g...

Valentines Day with social value

Some of the best romantic gifts and Valentine’s Day activities community businesses have to offer

How do community businesses tackle rural isolation?  

Community businesses met up to discuss a challenge they face every day

Social Prescribing - two good and two bad

Community business leader Bill Graham explores various views on social prescribing

Join the social radicals in Bradford

Bradford and Power to Change are celebrating their first TEDx together this week on 16th of January....

A peek into the Booster Programme Panel

Co-operatives' Booster Programme Manager, Alice Wharton, explains the methodology behind looking thr...

A community-led vision for our high streets

What role can community business play in reimagining the high street? Vidhya Alakeson explores

The Community Business Market in 2018 - top five things you need to know

The top five learnings from our recent state of the community business market report!

The community business movement: Taking on Liverpool's high streets brick by brick

The community business movement in Liverpool is taking root, supporting positive change all over the...

Top tips for community cafes  

Read some top tips on setting up a successful community cafe from a successful community cafe in Bri...

M&S Community Business Challenge Liverpool film

Want to know more about the M&S Community Business Challenge? Watch this film to get insights from t...

An alternative future in Health and Social Care

Taking responsibility for how we can do things differently in health and social care

A vision for a people powered Northern Powerhouse

Some conclusions on the recent People's Powerhouse Conference in Bradford

M&S on the Community Business Challenge, Liverpool

Pete Swallow, Head of Merseyside, Isle of Man and North Wales Region of M&S discusses how the import...

Community as remedy: How B Inspired tackles health and social care

B Inspired in Leicester is a community business working to change Braunstone in Leicester for the be...

Catalyst for Change by Anya Hobbs

Anya Hobbs from Marsh Farm Futures

Top tips for High Streets

Hannah Sloggett's top tips to breathe new life into the high street

A postcard from Marsh Farm by Anya Hobbs

Some thoughts from Anya Hobbs on the potential of Marsh Farm Futures in improving the quality of lif...

7 reasons why you should attend Locality Convention ‘18

Here's why you should head to Bristol next week!

Budget brings welcome news for saving our high streets: communities need to be in the driving seat

Vidhya Alakeson on what the Budget announcements mean for saving our high streets

‘Bigging Up’ our local areas – how storytelling can create change

Anne Short from B Inspired Leicester discusses the second Power to Change grantee event

Top Tips for Community Shares  

Charlotte Hollins from Fordhall Community Land Initiative shares her three top tips for launching a ...

Can our main political parties get behind community businesses?

Our CEO, Vidhya Alakeson asks the question this party conference season

‘This is our building and we want it to work for us!’ - a first-hand account of community asset transfer

Angie Wright shares with us her experience of taking the Braunstone Grove into community hands.

Why investors should choose community-led housing

Ahead of her talk at the FT's Investment for Good conference, Vidhya Alakeson sets out the case for ...

Three steps to work more closely with communities

Our CEO, Vidhya Alakeson highlights how we can work closer with communities this Communities Week

Community-led social care: A long term solution

What role can community business play in delivering sustainable social care?

Power Up Bristol: Talkin' Power, Perception & Professionalism

A review of the Power Up! grantee event for community businesses.

The Civil Society Strategy – what will it mean for you?

What the Civil Society Strategy will mean for community businesses.

Make the case for community business in the rural economy

Submit your evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the rural economy!

Launching the first BME community business toolkit

A new toolkit to meet the challenges of BME-led community organisations.

Community-led Housing: the beginning of a movement

The story of a quiet revolution in housing taking place in the unexpected town of Keswick.

The case for community renewables

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced it intends to abolish subs...

Ensuring there's a future for communities

Our Research Officer, Suzanne, attended the launch of Local Trust's latest research

Death of the high street?

Why community businesses have a role to play in keeping high streets alive

Why does Power to Change support community pubs?

Our Director of Programmes explains why Power to Change is backing community-run pubs.

Why #PrideMatters to community business

Happy Pride from everyone at Power to Change!

Peer Power – lessons from a peer networking project

Jodie Giles from community energy business Regen explains her four lessons from peer networking

Power to Change invested £23 million in community businesses in 2017

Today we are publishing our 2017 annual report.

Community Business Weekend 2018 attracts over 17,000 visitors

With 225 events held, a massive 55% increase from last year, more people are finding out how they ca...

Raise a Glass to Community Pubs

Raise a glass and say #CheersToBeer this Beer Day at your local community pub!

Tips for young community businesses

Useful dos and don’ts for community businesses who are starting out.

A vision for the future of community business – what you said

A consortium of organisations has been working with community businesses to define a positive, inspi...

Community business: the future of the Church of England?

There is money to be made from all that heritage, reflects our Director of Communications and Partne...

How community-led health can go mainstream

How can we make people-powered health the mainstream? Vidhya Alakeson explores...

Learning to let go – the case for community control

A podcast exploring some of the ways local people have taken local power by running community busine...

Save lives, save money, save time and get real...

The benefits of communities taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing

How to change power in health?

How can we change power dynamics in the health sector? Halima Khan explores...

LALA Land?

Do community businesses need a stronger relationship with councils?

What is Community Business Weekend and how can I take part?

Join 500 community businesses in England to celebrate community business

Gorgeous Goulash gets GCDA on the menu

Delicious meals with a social justice purpose

Community businesses can step in where Carillion fears to tread

Human interaction and emotion will be key to moving beyond a corporate capitalism.

Are you a community business leader?

Why people get involved with community businesses

Why is Liverpool the location of the week?

Community-led housing in the spotlight

Why communities matter to the future of social care

Vidhya Alakeson looks at the role of communities in creating social infrastructure for a stronger #s...

Now we are three

On the occasion of their third birthday, Vidhya Alakeson reflects on the three things she has been m...

Above all, breathe.

Tips learnt from the Wavelength Conference which all community business leaders should aim to rememb...

A community energy hat-trick

Community energy groups cleaned up at the Green Energy Awards 2017.

Hope for Housing

Highlights from the first ever community-led housing conference

The birth of the tiny house movement in Bristol

More and more people are opting for tiny homes with lower-running costs, lower ecological footprint ...

Over 30 years of community-led housing in Hull

Local people building their own homes and reinvesting profits into local training and employment.

12 questions to explore community accountability

What questions should we be asking about community accountability?

How SITR could cause more of a stir

Ged Devlin reflects on the SITR stats

Land and data for the common good

How can civic trusts help to reform data governance, 800 years after the Charter of the Forest.

'The best networks are like family': The value of community business networks

Bill Graham shares why he values local, city-wide and national community business networks.

Travel through time at Locality Convention ‘17 with the launch of ‘A History of Community Business’

For the third year in a row, Power to Change are sponsoring the Locality Convention

What is benchmarking... and why should we care?

We benchmark all the time. It is just that we tend not to call it that.

What is a weekend?

Last weekend saw 200+ community business opened their doors for #CBwkd17

Warm words and concrete policy

Party conference season is a good time to take the temperature of what different parties are thinkin...

How to support work/life balance for part-time workers

Part-time workers have different needs. It's important for organisations to support them.

'Tooling up' to address the housing crisis

What do communities need if they are to build their own homes?

Barnstorms – what community businesses can learn from political campaigning

What do the Labour party, Bernie Sanders and The Bristol Cable, a community-owned newspaper, have in...

Top 5 tips for window art: Why all community businesses should be doing it

Why doodling on your windows is a trick not to miss for community businesses

How funding rejection can motivate success

Bill Graham reflects on his own successful and unsuccessful moments as the leader of a community bus...

9 tips to put your community business on the map

9 tips, gleaned from community businesses themselves, to get yourself on the map.

Opening up our data

Why Power to Change is opening up its grants data

'More importantly we were smiling’: how volunteering at my local community business supported me as a trans-woman

Victoria shares her experience coming out and the support on offer at her local community business

Known knowns in social investment

We need better data on social investment – and we need to make better use of what we have.

After the NHS – a CHS?

A new social care system is a prize worth fighting for

Making a reality of the 'shared society'

Is Theresa May prepared to give away power?

Community housing: More than a stair-cleaning rota

People want good homes in the areas they love. Communities can lead the way.

Night thoughts on members

We want to be able to set out the principles for meaningful involvement of members.

What is up for grabs at the General Election?

Politicians are in election mode. We must tell them what we care about

3 tips for community decision making

Tips and tools from social movement makers at Marmalade '17

Flaunting your assets

Public assets are on the frontline when we decide what we want our communities to look like

Five ways you can change where you live for the better

How to join people all over the country who are stepping up to help their communities

Nuns, courtesans and the funding of community business

Power to Change explores community shares and the long history of social lending

After the budget: What next for our towns and neighbourhoods?

It is time for the government to change its role in local communities

Why shared society is exactly what we need

More and more it is up to community businesses and voluntary organisations to deliver social change...

Meaning business – Power to Change turns two

Community businesses give back control to local people

Alternative routes to improving mental health

How community business supports mental wellbeing