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Our vision is powerful communities, better places.

By 2025, more communities in England will run businesses that give them power to change what matters to them. They will create more resilient places that are better to live and work in for everyone.

Our strategic priorities are:

Community business at the heart of a fairer economy

Community businesses are well placed to help tackle inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, and create a more inclusive economy in which more people can participate and money is reinvested locally.

More resilient community businesses

Like all businesses, community businesses have felt the financial impacts of Covid-19. But unlike many businesses, they’ve also been working with some of the most vulnerable in their communities throughout the crisis and the need for their services has increased.

Encouragingly, very few expect to close their doors but many will need to continue to adapt to the emerging new normal. We will work with them so they can continue to play a crucial role in their neighbourhoods.

A more diverse, equitable and inclusive sector

By their nature, community businesses have broad community impact and lots of ways for local people to get involved. As customers, volunteers, shareholders, staff or trustees, they can have a say in how the business is run to address local needs.

Our ambition is that all communities see the community business model as a tool that they can use to improve their neighbourhoods and the lives of local people. To do that, we will work to dismantle the barriers that minoritised communities of all kinds face in creating local social change and find ways to inspire new people to join the sector.

Powerful communities, better places

We help communities use shared power and business to transform where they live. In 2021 we launched our five-year strategy outlining how we will work to support communities.

At Power to Change, we know community business strengthens local communities. We use our experience to bring partners together to fund, grow and back community business to make places thrive. We are curious and rigorous; we do, test and learn. And we are here to support community business, whatever the challenge.

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