Run by and for a local community
to make places better

Community businesses reduce social isolation, revive empty buildings and lead on new developments. With grit, agility and empathy, local people share their professional and lived experience to find innovative solutions to complex issues.

Community business: the facts


jobs for people in the most deprived areas


contribution to the uk economy through community-owned spaces


community businesses tackle social isolation


total number of community businesses in 2020, up from 5,500 in 2015


unique community businesses supported by power to change


All over England, people are coming together to make the places they live better.

There’s a growing movement of communities taking back control of their local areas through business. Hundreds of thousands of people working to improve the places where they live – buying the last pub in the village, running their local football club, saving their public halls and local libraries. 

The latest stories

Understanding community life at a hyperlocal level

Understanding community life at a hyperlocal level

Power to Change commissioned Kantar to conduct a ‘hyperlocal’ version of the Community Life Survey, focused on six places in England participating in the Empowering Places programme. This blog outlines some initial findings on the relative impact of our work in each area.

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