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Power to Change has a truly exciting opportunity to transform the lives of people and communities across England.

In order to fulfill our ambitions, we need outstanding partners to deliver our programmes, business development support and research projects.

Calls for bids and tenders

Invitation to tender for research: Marginalised community businesses and organisations – barriers and solutions to accessing funding and support

We are seeking a researcher/research team who can help us learn as much as possible about how the mechanics of marginalisation affect access to support and funding for applicants and grantees in the community (business) sector. This includes the ways in which our own and our peers’ processes need to be improved, and how.

We want to
• Capture and consolidate the key barriers faced by community businesses/organisations led by and supporting marginalised people accessing (demand side) and infrastructure organisations awarding (supply side) funding and support
• Understand the role of infrastructure organisations in implementing and finding solutions to these barriers
• Provide recommendations for the sector to make positive changes towards equitable support and funding allocation.

Deadline for proposals is 13th June 2022.

Invitation to tender: Capability strengthening support open framework

Power to Change is looking to build a trusted pool of suitably qualified and experienced providers for the provision of capability strengthening support to community businesses in England through to 2025.

An Open Framework has been set up to be used for the provision of this support. The anticipated service areas have been split into Lots and interested providers can apply to deliver services from more than one Lot.

Currently, the majority of capability support to be delivered in 2022 will be through the Powering Up programme. Powering Up is a programme for community businesses that need support shifting from an emergency mindset as a result of Covid-19 to investing in future planning. It aims to support community businesses in the key areas of digital growth, climate action and sustainability, and financial resilience, with a cross cutting theme of diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition to the requirements of Powering Up, it is anticipated that as new programmes of work develop, the framework will be used to ensure Power to Change is able to access suitable providers that meet the identified needs of the programmes and the community businesses they will serve.

We actively encourage receiving applications to join the Framework from a wide variety of providers, especially those who can demonstrate alignment with our values and can demonstrate social impact within their business aims and objectives. We welcome applications from both national providers and local and regional providers that focus their services in particular geographies. We will particularly welcome applications from organisations that focus their support on communities that experience racial inequity, support younger people and those working in areas of highest economic deprivation (IMD 1-3).

Approval to join the open framework and to deliver support services is a multi-stage process (as set out in the application documentation); the first stage is to register and submit an application questionnaire and the second stage is to respond to a call-off opportunity for programme specific services.  Please see the ‘read the brief’ link below for further details on how to register your interest and to receive the application documentation.



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