Getting started with Community Improvement Districts

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This Community Improvements Districts guidance helps communities imagine new possibilities for high streets, and gives readers the tools they need to make those possibilities a reality.

This guidance is designed to help community leaders navigate the complexities of starting a Community Improvement District (CID), no matter what form it takes. Communities should be at the heart of regenerating their high streets, and this guidance will help make that a reality.

Readers will have a clear understanding of what a CID is and how it can help the community take the lead in regenerating town centres. It also gives practical advice on starting a CID, including how to engage different stakeholders, create a vision for the town centre, and sustain a CID in the long-term.




The key facts

Tailored and dynamic

CIDs can take many forms, there is no one “right” model

Tools in community hands

The CIDs guidance gives communities the tools they need to make their regeneration ideas a reality


Communities can take a leading role in creating a vision for the future of their town centre