Providing a match-funding incentive to maximise community business crowdfunding.

Match-funding up to £10,000

Maximise your crowdfunder

Pound for pound up to £10,000

For community businesses in England

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Up to £10,000 to support new or existing community businesses in partnership with Crowdfunder. 

Community Business Crowdmatch provides an incentive to maximise your crowdfunding campaign by match-funding what you raise from a crowd, up to £10,000. 

What IS a community business?

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What can you apply for?

For every £1 you raise through Crowdfunder, Power to Change will match-fund each £1, to a maximum of £10,000. 

This programme will support community businesses, whether it’s for launching new ideas to help your neighbourhood, help meet increased demand, save a community space or help bridge a funding gap. Crowdfunding helps to increase your profile and gain more supporters.  

Through this fund Power to Change are particularly keen to support new and existing projects in more deprived areas of the country, and to work with communities experiencing racial inequity across England.

The final deadline for applications to the programme is 30 June 2022. You do not have to have launched or completed your Crowdfunder campaign in order to receive a match-funding pledge, but any applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

How to apply for support from this programme


Check you are eligible for funding.


Watch the webinar for further guidance.


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Check your organisation is eligible for this support.

Watch our webinar for further guidance

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