A postcard from Marsh Farm by Anya Hobbs

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Some thoughts from Anya Hobbs on the potential of Marsh Farm Futures in improving the quality of life for its' residents through sustainable opportunities.
6 Nov, 2018

A Postcard from Marsh Farm

Years of broken promises fuelled a generation of mistrust

Walls built up, an afterthought, keep going, but who to trust

It’s the dodgy part of town they say, but still they cannot see

The actions of the few dictate the reputation of the many


Listen to the words we say and pay attention to what we need

Engage with us and understand, choose some of us to take the lead

This is our postcard, our Marsh Farm, our pasts and futures too

When you give us the power to change, the many outweigh the few.

 – Anya Hobbs