Community shares are an ideal way for communities to invest in businesses that serve a community purpose. This type of investment has been used to finance shops, pubs, community buildings, renewable energy initiatives, local food schemes and even piers.

Power to Change has teamed up with the Community Shares Unit to further boost share issues and their uptake. We have put £3 million into the pot to match the investment raised through community share issues and to increase take up in areas of disadvantage and in under-represented sectors.  The Community Shares Booster programme is open for applications for the next three years.

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Should you issue community shares?

Community shares enable organisations to take investment from the very community which they intend to benefit. Use the Community Shares Step-by-Step Tool to figure out if a) community shares are the right funding option for you and b) how you can become investment ready.

Should you buy community shares?

If you want to invest in a local community business, and see your money go directly on social impact in your area, then community shares are a good way of getting involved. If you are interested in buying shares, read this guide for investors.

Through the first phase of the Community Shares Booster programme, we supported 15 community groups with their share offer and match funded them a total of £1 million to make their community businesses more resilient including:
Friends of Stretford Public Hall
Leeds Community Homes
Sheffield Renewables
Sutton Community Farm
Heart of Hastings
Nenthead Chapel Enterprise Ltd
Whistlewood Common
Grimsby Community Energy
Pennine Community Power
Shotley Pier