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Our approach to research

Communities across England face a mix of unique and shared challenges. Understanding what works is key to addressing these. That’s why Power to Change has invested millions in research and evaluation, and makes this insight and data freely available for others to use.

To build this evidence base we have worked with communities, leading researchers and policymakers to provide objective and rigorous insights about community businesses and their impact.

We combine traditional social research methods with data science and novel data sources, pioneering the use of private and public sector for community benefit. Our ambition is to make the world-leading research and insight freely available to help communities address the challenges they face.

Unlike many other funders and research organisations, we also put our data to work to support community businesses. From our range of success guides that provide practical tips for running a community businesses based on our latest analysis to Twine, our suite of free apps that help communities spend more time doing good, and less time on paperwork, we have shown there are many ways to use data for good.

You can find and download all of our research, including case studies and datasets, in the Institute for Community Studies repository.

Community Business: the facts


jobs for people in the most deprived areas


contributed to the uk economy through community-owned spaces


community businesses tackle social isolation


Volunteers play a role in community business


community businesses in england


Community businesses and high streets: ‘taking back’ and leading forward

Community businesses and high streets: ‘taking back’ and leading forward

This report takes a strategic look at the role community businesses can play in addressing the challenges of UK high streets. It considers how community businesses can succeed in high streets, what they can contribute, and what support they need to make a long-term difference to restore ‘pride in place’ in struggling town centres.

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Annual report 2021

Annual report 2021

Our 2021 annual report reviews the seventh year of Power to Change’s operations. It covers the grants we made and our future plans, alongside a financial review of 2020 and our statutory accounts.

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Young People in Community Business: Stories of Change

Young People in Community Business: Stories of Change

Community businesses can transform the progressive social intentions of younger generations into meaningful and sustainable community action. This report showcases the many ways young people came to be and are involved in community businesses.

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