Open programmes

Community Business ReBoost Fund
Community Business ReBoost  fund aims to support community businesses to raise community shares capital that can support their recovery, pivot or expand the business in response to Covid-19. The ReBoost fund provides grant funding and matched equity investment. Find out more.

Community Shares Booster programme
Community shares are an ideal way for communities to invest in businesses that serve a community purpose. Through this programme, we offer support to get a community share offer off the ground and match fund it when you meet your target. Find out more about the Community Shares Booster programme.

Boosting Community Business London
Power to Change and Co-operatives UK, supported by the Mayor of London, has launched Boosting Community Business London.  The programme is designed to equip existing community organisations with the knowledge to refine their business and governance models, and take the next steps in successfully raising alternative finance, such as community shares. Find out more.

Currently on hold

PAUSED – Blended Funding with Key Fund
One of the ways we are making it easier for community businesses to access capital is by using our grant funding to unlock extra investment from social investors – this is known as blended funding. We are using Power to Change grant funding to unlock affordable social finance loans from Key Fund, available to community businesses who would not be able to access appropriate capital without our support. Find out more about Blended Funding with Key Fund.

Ongoing programmes, closed for applications

Community-Owned Renewable Energy LLP (CORE Partners) is a unique £40m investment partnership between Power to Change and Big Society Capital targeting operational, solar farms in England. CORE Partners was set up to acquire and then transfer these assets into community ownership, whilst maximising the benefits to the local area. Find out more about the CORE Partners programme and acquisition opportunities.

ONGOING – City regions and counties
in Liverpool City Region and the West of England we are building strong partnerships with local authorities, city region mayors, local enterprise partnerships and other regionally focused organisations to see what support we can give to bring community businesses together in these areas. If you would like to know more, see our Better Places.

ONGOING – Empowering Places
We are working in six places across England to stimulate the growth of community businesses and build the capacity of local people to be entrepreneurial. Trusted catalyst organisations are working on the ground to do so in Plymouth, Hartlepool, Grimsby, Bradford, Leicester and Wigan.

ONGOING – Health and Social Care Community of Practice
Our Health and Social Care CoP aims to better understand the potential models for community business to succeed in addressing health and social care issues. Find out more.

Currently closed for applications

CLOSED – Community Business Crowdmatch
Community Business Crowdmatch helps communities to develop, test or grow your community business. The fund is designed to help you raise funds to cover key costs, help you build your network of supporters and provide match funding. Working with Crowdfunder, Power to Change will offer an investment, up to £10,000, to match the amount raised by your supporters. Crowdmatch is now open for applications, find out more.

CLOSED – Powering Up! Capacity strengthening for community business leaders
Powering Up is a tailored support package designed to increase community business leaders’ knowledge, to provide wellbeing support and to build peer relationships to boost recovery across the sector. Find out more about Powering Up!

CLOSED – Keighley Community Health Grants
GiveBradford and Power to Change have come together with the aim of creating a community led health offer in Keighley. Keighley Community Health Grants provide funding and support to community organisations and community businesses, so that they can meet the health and wellbeing needs of people in Keighley. Find out more.

CLOSED – More than a Pub
The More than a pub programme offers business development support, advice and loan and grant funding to community groups in England to help them establish community-owned pubs. Find out more about the More than a pub programme.

CLOSED – Next Generation Community Energy Peer Mentoring programme
Community energy businesses will benefit from shared learning in order to replicate business models and create genuinely sustainable, financially viable and innovative community businesses focused on environmental innovation. Find out more about Next Generation Community Energy Peer Mentoring.

CLOSED – Community Business Trade Up Programme
In 2021, the Community Business Trade Up programme will help 50 community businesses across England with the skills, support network and funding to recover and rebuild income from trading. Find out more about the Community Business Trade Up programme.

CLOSED – Community Business Renewal Fund
The Community Business Renewal Fund provides grants to community businesses in England affected by the Covid-19 crisis to adapt, renew and rebuild their business so they can remain financially viable. The fund is aimed at organisations delivering services in their local community to support those who have been most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Find out more about the Community Business Renewal Fund.

CLOSED – Bright Ideas Fund
The Bright Ideas Fund is aimed at local groups who have a community business idea in any sector, but need help turning it into a reality. The Fund offers one to one business development support and small grants of up to £15,000 to help with feasibility, business planning, market research, community engagement, governance and more. Find out more about the Bright Ideas Fund.

CLOSED – Homes in Community Hands

Our Community-led Housing programme will provide support and grants to help community business groups progress projects that build or refurbish well-built, affordable and future-proof homes designed around the needs of local people. Find out more, and apply, for the Homes in Community Hands programme.

CLOSED – Covid-19 Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme
The Covid-19 Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme offers grants up to £100,000 to community organisations in England who are facing financial difficulties caused by Covid-19. The scheme is aimed at organisations delivering services in their local community to support people who are at high risk from Covid-19. Find out more.

CLOSED – C-19 Emergency Trading Income Support Scheme
The C-19 Emergency Trading Income Support Scheme provided emergency finance in the form of small grants to community businesses in England, as a contribution towards trading income lost as a result of Covid-19. We have dedicated £5 million to this scheme to support current and past grantees of Power to Change, and community businesses who are members of our core strategic partners Locality, Co-operatives UK, and Plunkett Foundation. Find out more about the support scheme.

CLOSED – C-19  Bright Ideas Support Fund
The C-19 Bright Ideas Support Fund provides small grants alongside business development advice to current Bright Ideas grantees. The funding and support is to help community businesses through COVID-19 by helping to adapt your business models so you can continue to provide the vital products and services that your community needs. Find out more about the support fund.

CLOSED – Community Business Fund
The Community Business Fund is aimed at existing community businesses that need funding for a business development project to make their organisation more sustainable. You can apply for grants between £50,000 and £300,000 but it is a very competitive process. Find out more about the Community Business Fund.

CLOSED – The Fore
Power to Change and The Fore have teamed up to bring The Fore’s programme of funding and strategic support to community businesses to help them to grow, develop and become more sustainable. Find out more about The Fore’s programme. Please note, this programme is currently closed and the up-coming funding round has been cancelled as The Fore focus their support on existing grantees in this difficult time.

CLOSED – The Next Generation Community Energy programme
The Next Generation Community Energy programme will support the transfer of existing solar farms into community ownership and the development of new and innovative community energy projects and business models, with a package of targeted grant funding and support. Find out more about the Next Generation Fund.