Across England community businesses are bringing a new sense of prosperity and pride to local people. Yet many find it a struggle to access the finance they need to start or grow their community business. Power to Change is committed to addressing this need by providing a range of funding options. 

Use the diagnostic tool on the Good Finance website to figure out what would suit you.

Grant funding

We have several programmes that provide business development support and grant funding to start and grow your business. Find out more about grant funding.

Our partners

Blended funding

 ‘Blended funding’ is when one of our grants is matched with a loan from a social investor. Find out more about our blended funding programme.

Community pub in Bamford

Sector and place-based funding

As well as financing individual community businesses, we are also focusing on funding individual sectors, such as pubs delivering wider social impact, and places.

Community shares

Community shares can be issued by co-operative societies and community benefit societies. We are match funding community share issues. Find out more.