Granby sits at the heart of Toxteth or ‘Liverpool 8’ as it is known locally. After the riots of 1981, the area went into what then looked like a terminal decline but 20 years ago, the community of the Four Streets triangle came together to do something about it. Now the streets have come back to life. Builders are renovating the previously empty houses and there is a monthly street market that’s been running for six years.

In 2014 Assemble, an 18 strong cooperative, were appointed by Granby Four Streets to work on the renovation of its derelict houses. In 2015, much to the surprise of the community and its architects, the project won the Turner Prize, the country’s most prestigious art award. The nomination was for Assemble’s ‘ongoing collaboration with local residents” – the first time the Turner Prize has been won not for a specific work of art but for a way of creating art, with and as part of the community.

This is the story of a determined community, who protected their own houses and all the empty ones around them from multiple failed regeneration and demolition initiatives

Ronnie Hughes

Granby Four Streets board member

Granby Four Streets - set up by the community, for the community