Rey joined Power to Change in April 2020 and supports the Impact and Learning team.

She is passionate about sustainable community-led development, changes that enable a fair and inclusive society, minority rights, and migration (what a mix!). Prior to joining Power to Change, she has volunteered and worked for social enterprises and charities, both in Thailand and across UK, ranging in roles from research, advocacy, to providing operational support for young asylum seekers. In her free time, she enjoys spending it with her two ‘wobbly’ CH cats – Paul and Steven – cooking international cuisines, unleashing her creativity on arts and crafts, and binge-watching documentaries.

“Community business is more than a simple act of trading; it’s about building resilience for the community to sustain and uplift its spirit. It’s a privilege to support communities through my work and being inspired to learn how community businesses across the country have done incredible works and stepped forward to save their communities, especially during the toughest of times.”