Homes for Holsworthy

In 2001 Holsworthy’s local economy was affected by an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, which affected farm production and had a negative impact on the local and rural economy. As a result of this the area of Holsworthy was earmarked to receive funding from the Market and Coastal Town initiative (MCTi), a community-based regeneration initiative set up by the then government to support market and coastal towns. The regeneration funds stimulated a wide range of consultations in Holsworthy to try to establish key needs and suggested uses for the funds. From these consultations it became apparent that a lack of affordable housing for young people in the local area was a problem.

As a result of conversations locally, a small group of people decided to set up a community property trust to address the issue of affordable housing for young people living in Holsworthy and the surrounding areas. Homes for Holsworthy Community Property Trust (CPT) (also known as a community land trust), was established as company limited by guarantee and a registered charity in 2005.

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