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A collection of digital resources for Community Businesses.

Getting started with digital

  • BeMoreDigital workshops – an online (entree-level) learning space for civil society professionals to improve their digital skills and confidence.
  • Phoebe Tickell -Toolkit for grassroots communities needing to move their work into the digital realm for the first time.
  • Catalyst Resource – How to measure your service’s user-centredness – A free and downloadable scale based on the principles of good service design. Use it to measure how well your services work for your members and customers.

Building your digital skills, support and further resources

  • Design Hops – A free workshop to help organisations redesign services for digital access.
  • Digital Candle – free 1 hour of expert digital advice for mission driven organisations.
  • Catalyst support library – 100+ free resources on a range of topics, from digital leadership, strategy, change management, creating and running digital services, working digitally.
  • Service Recipes – Practical guides to help civil society organisations learn from one another’s services.
  • DigiShift – Zoom expert advice sessions (and recordings) from SCVO and Third Sector Lab, covering topics from website accessibility, Cyber security, to workplace culture.
  • Developing a digital approach – workshop by DOT Project.

Networks and peer groups

  • TechSoup – learn from experts that have deep experience with transformative technology solutions and skills.
  • Tech for Good Network – A community of organisers across the UK and Ireland supporting each other to fuel the tech for good movement. To find a group close to you, search their network.

Comms, website and SEO

Accessibility, equality, diversity and inclusion

  • OneDigital – resources for specific types of learners: older learners; young learners; learners with physical disabilities; learners with mental health issues; learners with learning disabilities; learners whose first language is not English; and financial disadvantaged learners.
  • Learn My Way – offers free online courses to help beginners (esp. people with learning disabilities, low income families, and older people) learn the basics and develop digital skills.
  • This document signposts to digital resources and tools to help those who are less familiar with tech. This includes links to guides on using a webcam, Skype tutorials and video calling.
  • BT’s Skills for Tomorrow – offers a range of courses including basic digital functions such as using email.
  • The Basics of Digital Accessibility – this blog post explores the importance of accessibility in web and other digital communications as it relates to an organisation’s ability to serve its community.
  • Making your website accessible – a guide written for charities but super helpful for any social mission driven organisation looking to ensure their website is accessible.
  • Web accessibility checker – This tool checks single HTML pages for conformance with accessibility standards to ensure the content can be accessed by everyone.

Cyber security

Data and Impact measurement

Customer Relationship Management


  • DigiSafe – A new step-by-step digital safeguarding guide.