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Our campaign that aims to protect access to the national sport across the country
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Putting football in community hands. Football clubs are the beating heart of our communities, essential to local pride, character, and prosperity.  

The risk

Radical action is needed to tackle the long-standing issues around ownership in our national game which has become remote, out of touch, and untethered from the interest of fans and local communities.  

We need to end casino culture throughout the game. It incentivises short-term gambling over long-term sustainability and is leading to poor financial management. 

We are calling for government to take some practical steps

Establish a £400m Community Club Ownership Trust to help supporters purchase clubs in crisis or when they come up for sale, capitalised from a levy on football TV revenue or the hugely profitable football betting industry.

Create a powerful Community Right to Buy giving local people who mobilise to register their local stadium or ground as an Asset of Community Value vital leverage over club owners seeking to dispose of cherished football grounds. 

Trial of a Back the Fans policy for clubs in administration, to replace HMRC’s preference for liquidation. 

Latest news

The latest news from the campaign.


Fans across country demand ownership of football clubs

In a joint letter to Tracey Crouch MP ahead of the Fan Led Review of Football Governance, supporters trusts call for action to support fan and community ownership.

a football coach talks to a group of young players on the pitch

Create new £400m fund to help football fans buy their clubs

Our new report calls for government to put a Community Club Ownership Trust at the heart of football reforms as part of its new review following the failed European Super League.


More than a club

The latest case studies from football clubs across the country, the beating hearts of their communities.

FC United

When FC United set up as a supporter-owned football club, they weren’t to know how rewarding their role in the community would come to be.


a football coach talks to a group of young players on the pitch

AFC Lewisham

When a mother’s 13-year-old son was turned away by local football clubs, she decided to take matters into her own hands and set one up herself.