What Power to Change funding is available for community businesses right now? 

Power to Change is working on an emergency response to support the community business sector. All current funding rounds are closed, and future rounds are paused for now. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates, as we endeavour to find ways to support the wider community business sector. 

With our delivery partners, Locality, we hosted a webinar: Managing your community business during the Covid-19 crisis. See the presentation slides with information correct as of 1 April 2020.

For new applicants

I have applied/started to apply for a fund that was open, but is now closed. Will our community business be eligible for support?

Please contact our delivery partners for the programme you applied for. Our delivery partners will be able to give you more information in due course about your application. If you were part way through an application process, for example you submitted an application but have not yet heard back from anyone, one of our delivery partners will be in touch with you as soon as possible. They will have a record of the application you submitted, and will work with you to understand your current needs.

For grantees

I’m a community business that has received a Power to Change grant – will I still be able to draw down the money as planned?

Yes, our delivery partners will continue to disburse awarded grants as planned. If you would like to discuss a variation on what the grant can be spent on, please get in touch with the programme delivery partner directly.

My community business is unable to carry out the work that Power to Change’s grant was paying for – can we ask for a grant variation?

Please contact your delivery partner to discuss what your immediate needs are, as well as how likely you think it is that you will be able to carry out the plans for which you originally received the award. Power to Change is committed to supporting all existing grantees through the crisis as most appropriate.  

My community business is facing a threat to its immediate survival, what should I do?

Please contact the delivery partner for the programme your community business was awarded support from, who will collect information and share it with Power to Change on your behalf. We are looking at what emergency funding and support can be made available to our existing grantees. 

Is Community Business Weekend still happening?

Community Business Weekend has been postponed while community businesses respond to the crisis.

I missed the webinar on 1 April 2020: Managing your community business through COVID-19, can I watch it back?

Yes, please see the webinar below, and the slides here. Please note that all of the information was correct as of 1 April.