In our monthly podcast, we will showcase the extraordinary stories of community businesses and how they are helping people live better lives through participation and power. We want to inspire people to take power locally by setting up and running community businesses that bring long-term benefit to where they live.

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Powering our future: how community energy groups are tackling the climate crisis

As temperatures soar and global resources come increasingly under threat, the reality of the climate crisis has never been clearer. In this episode, we explore how communities can run their own renewable energy projects, such as YEALM and Brighton Energy and reinvest the profits into their community.

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Loving the whole rainbow: how community businesses can be LGBT+ inclusive spaces

To celebrate Pride month, we’re shining a light on how community businesses can be places where people can explore their sexuality & gender identity safely. In this episode, we visit the Proud Trust’s Sidney Street community café in Manchester to find out how this LGBTQ+ venue creates opportunities for everyone.

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Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre

Swimming in the fast lane: Leisure centres in community hands

Many councils are struggling to keep leisure centres afloat. But communities like the ones in Stocksbridge and Bramley are stepping in to make leisure centres continue to provide essential health and wellbeing service to local people, while being sustainable businesses. Join us as we discover their journey and tips to taking over a leisure centre.

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Pitching in: how community football takes root

Derelict land and cuts to youth services spur some people to action. We interview Target Football CIC to find out how to set up community football services for local people, and their ambitious expansion plans, supported by the likes of M&S.

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Life after council cuts: Inside England’s community run libraries

With councils struggling to keep libraries open, communities across the country are stepping in to save and manage them. In our latest episode, we visit some of these community-managed libraries, like Corbett Community Library in London, to understand the impact a community can make when they take them over and tips on how you can do the same.

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Tackling food poverty the community-led way

Community food projects are helping not only to address food poverty, but allowing people to lead healthier and happier lives. Join us in the next episode when we visit Bentley Urban farm and hear how this community business is improving the lives of people living in Doncaster.

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Housing Crisis: Solutions for a broken market

From condemned streets to the Turner Prize – find out how the residents of Granby Four Streets transformed their condemned terraced homes, creating a thriving market, affordable housing and winning the biggest prize in British art.Brick by brick, community organisations are creating new models for housing that put residents at the front and centre. Find out about this growing movement and learn what support is available.


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Shotley Pier

Finding a balance: Wellbeing

How do community business leaders balance the pressures of their work with their personal life and wellbeing? We talk to Shotley Pier and our very own Fergus Arkley to find out.


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Cafe INDIEpendent

Coffee, cakes and big career breaks

Café INDIEpendent is not only a great place to grab a coffee in Scunthorpe, it is helping to tackle social isolation and providing training opportunities for young people. Find out how they do it and get some top tips on setting up a community café from Buzz Lockleaze in Bristol.


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Can our high streets be saved?

Find out how community businesses are breathing life into high streets left behind by big chains. We talk to Homebaked – a community-run bakery in Anfield, as well as Vidhya Alakeson and Sir John Timpson about their work on the government’s panel on the future of the great British high street.

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Stretford Public Hall

Everyone’s an investor: What are community shares?

The team who rescued Stretford Public Hall near Manchester explain how they raised vital funds by selling community shares. Want to set up your own share offer? Our top tips make essential listening.

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Community Pubs

More than a pint: Why community pubs are thriving

In 2017, the number of community pubs in England increased by 30% – bucking the trend afflicting mainstream pubs. But what is a community pub? How do you start one? Join us for a pint at The Gardners Rest in Sheffield and get top tips to save your local from someone who has already done it.

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Hulme community garden centre

Learning to let go: the case for community control

In this podcast, Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive of Power to Change explores some of the ways people have taken power in their local areas by starting up community businesses. Featuring community businesses from Bristol, Luton, Liverpool, London, Leeds, and Wellingborough.

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