Then One Day… explores the moment when communities come together. From saving local landmarks, to creating life changing services in times of need – we’ll be meeting leaders from across the community business world who have spotted extraordinary opportunities to create positive change in their own neighbourhoods.

Join host Veronica Gordon as she finds out what it takes to launch a successful community-led organisation and hear about the passion, grit and collective spirit that goes into getting these inspiring projects off the ground.

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Then One Day…We took on the fashion industry

In this episode we learn about a group of women who are fighting against the growing fast fashion industry in Manchester by creating a sustainably conscious community hub.


Bonus episode: Navigating Legal Structures

In our last episode, we learnt about a Windmill that had taken on charity status to better serve the local community. In this bonus episode, Sheffield Live’s Steve Buckley gives us a gentle introduction to legal structures.


Then One Day…How a windmill helped a community in lockdown

In this episode, we’re heading to South London. We’re learning how a group of locals united to restore an unusual local landmark and more recently, supply hundreds of bags of flour for a community in lockdown. We’re off to the Brixton Windmill!


Bonus episode: How to raise community shares

In our latest episode, we heard from Rebecca McIntyre from the Anglers Rest pub in Derbyshire. Today, she’s back to give us some essential tips about how to raise community shares and save a local asset.


Then One Day… We Saved a Pub!

The Anglers Rest in Bamford is a treasured pub where people from around the Peak District go not only to eat and drink, but to socialise, share stories and listen to live music. In 2012, the pub came under threat and the community decided to take action. Today’s podcast tells the tale of how a determined group in Derbyshire saved the last pub in their village and reignited the community’s spirit.

Community Business Fix

In 2018, we launched The Community Business Fix, exploring how community businesses are tackling some of the biggest issues we face, from the climate crisis and food poverty to making spaces inclusive.


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