As well as our direct grant funding, we run funding programmes to accelerate the number of community businesses in specific sectors. We believe that by developing certain business types, we will create powerful networks which will help community businesses become more sustainable and competitive.

Our Research Institute surveys the state of the community business market every year which informs our strategy about which sectors to support. We currently offer two sector-specific support programmes:

  • The £3.62 million More than a Pub programme supports community groups to open a community pub, from initial idea to transferring the pub into community ownership.
  • In 2018, we will be opening our Community-led Housing programme, to support community groups to develop new affordable housing and refurbish old stock to create new homes


Power to Change have funded SAFE in Liverpool to restore a derelict pub into a cafe, eatery and community hub, an example of sector funding

More than a pub

Working with government and sector partners, we are running ‘More than a pub’, a campaign to fund and create more community pubs to tackle urban and rural disadvantage. Find out more.

Community-led Housing

Our Community-led Housing Programme seeks to harness the desire of communities to develop their own housing solutions to deliver new homes (new build or refurbished properties) that meet their local needs. Find out more.