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Putting the heart back into a divided community

Organisation type

Sports and Leisure

Grant amout


Award date

November 2015

Over the last few years, the village of Westbury in Buckinghamshire has lost its only pub, several factories and local businesses, its primary school and post office. 

As the village doesn’t have its own school, children are sent to the nearest towns – Buckingham, Brackley and Banbury – and have nowhere to socialise when they come home to Westbury. The lack of community facilities is also a problem for elderly residents, who find it hard to travel to nearby towns for basic services. The village has seen a large increase to its population over the last 10 years with a 38% increase in houses.

In 2015, the community decided to raise funds for a brand new village hall, replacing the old one which was no longer fit for purpose, and to integrate a sports hall, community shop and café. Alongside a community share offer, the project has received funding from various sources, including a £64,250 grant from Power to Change to create the community shop and cafe.

This is an exciting time for Westbury as the new shop is will bring the community together

Susanne Ashley – Project Leader

Key objectives & Outcomes

Grant purpose

The grant was used to fit out the new Westbury community shop, part of a bigger scheme to build a new village hall and create spaces for local people to meet. The grant will also cover the staff costs for a shop manager for the first year of business

Accountable to the local community

The trustees are all residents of the village and local people have bought community shares in the business. Each share owner is entitled to one vote in company matters at the annual general meeting

Improving social cohesion

The community has no access to public transport, no state school, post office, pub or shop of any kind. The new community hall, with café and shop, will give villagers a place to congregate, and improve social cohesion