Community Business Market in 2016

By Doug Hull, Tom Davies and Adam Swersky

Power to Change commissioned Social Finance in July 2016 to provide an updated assessment of the state of the community business market. This follows 'What if we ran it ourselves?' and 'The State of the Community Business Market'.

The report finds that the number of community businesses in England has grown by 5% in the last year, outstripping growth by both charities (1%) and small businesses (2.3%).

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A common interest - The role of asset transfer in developing the community business market

By Abigail Gilbert

Power to Change commissioned New Local Government Network in March 2016, to provide the most comprehensive possible mapping of asset transfers from local authorities to communities in recent years.

This report found steady progress in assets being transferred to communities over the past 5 years, and identified gaps in available data on asset transfers from local authorities. There were encouraging examples of local authorities and communities working together to ensure local assets were protected and could form the core of an important local community business.

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Annual Grantee Survey 2016

By Power to Change Research Institute

This is the first in what will become a regular series of annual reports on the experiences of Power to Change grantees. It is based on a survey of all 54 organisations that received grant offers between January 2015 and May 2016.

Overall, the survey concludes a strong and positive impact on the profile of grantees as a result of their association with Power to Change, with a net positive score of 87%.

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Analysis of applicants to the Initial Grants Programme

By Florrie Dunn, Stephen Nicol and Chris Paddock

Power to Change commissioned Regeneris Consulting to carry out the analysis of data collected from the Initial Grants Programme.

This report summarises the findings of the data submitted to better understand who applied and why and what determined success.

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Community business market 2015

The community business market in 2015

By Chris Percy, Adam Swersky, Doug Hull and John Medley-Hallam

Power to Change commissioned Social Finance in September 2015 to provide an updated assessment of the state of the community business market. This
followed Social Finance’s original report on the community business market, What If We Ran It Ourselves?, published in January 2015, based on research conducted by Social Finance and the Young Foundation from April to June 2014. The report finds the market has grown 9% since 2014.

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What if we ran it ourselves? Community business

What if we ran it ourselves? Getting the measure of Britain’s emerging community business sector

By Adam Swersky and James Plunkett

A report from Social Finance has revealed new findings about the current state and scope of the community business sector. The report finds that there are around 4,500 community businesses in England and Wales, with a combined income of £800m a year and assets of £1 billion. These community businesses employ around 24,000 staff and engage nearly 120,000 volunteers.

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Community business market grew 9% in 2015

Watch our film about the Research Institute's first publication

The Director of the Power to Change Research Institute, Richard Harries, introduces the findings on the state of the community business market in England in 2015.

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