Empowering Places

In this report, The Centre for Thriving Places uses the Thriving Places Index (TPI) to look at the conditions that support wellbeing, enabling communities to thrive fairly and sustainably, in six Local Authority areas: Hartlepool, North East Lincolnshire, Leicester, Plymouth, Wigan, Bradford.

Looking across the headline elements of Local Conditions for Wellbeing, Equality and Sustainability, delving into the domains and subdomains from place and environment, health, education, local economy to people and community, and furthermore into individual indicators, this report brings out what makes each place unique in its potential and individual challenges as well as commonalities across. All six areas are working with Power to Change as part of the Empowering Places programme to build on existing strengths in their communities to try something new and see whether they achieve better outcomes in wellbeing, health, environment, using a bottom up approach in which community businesses play a central role.

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