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Be part of a unique opportunity to co-design a new support role in a community development and pilot programme. This new role, a community coach, will support groups with community-led housing and asset development.
15 Oct, 2021

Research shows that many community groups fail to achieve their ambitions even when technical support and funding is available because they lack support with team building and group dynamics. We want to change this.

Funded by Power to Change, UK Cohousing Network is hosting a co-design workshops series to design a role to address this need – the Community Coach. This is an opportunity to design a pilot to test and learn from the real experiences of projects during 2022.

Join the co-design team

We are now recruiting a cohort of experienced and talented professionals and activists. We’re seeking applicants from all walks of community-led housing, community business and development sectors to join us on this journey. We are looking for those who have insights and knowledge of supporting groups in the process of developing assets such as housing and other facilities. In particular, we are looking for people with skills and experience ranging from facilitation and coaching to advocacy, mediation and project coordination. We’re also focused on team building and group dynamics.

We’re interested in recruiting people from diverse backgrounds and community members who have been through the development experience. Members of the cohort may go on to form part of the pilot in 2022.

  • Participants need to be able to commit some time to collaboration between workshops online and in small groups.
  • Participants need to be passionate about the topic, willing to become part of a team during the co-design phase and share and listen generously.
  • Compensation will be £1,000 plus VAT to compensate you or your employer for your time commitment.
  • 10 places are available in the cohort, with a learning community event for non-participants.

Workshop schedule

Successful applicants will need to be able to commit to the following times and dates in 2021/22.

Date Time
22 November 2021 2pm – 5pm
23 November 2021 10am – 5pm (with a generous break)
6 December 2021 3pm – 5pm
7 December 2021 10am – 5pm (with a generous break)
17 January 2022 3pm – 5pm
18 January 2022 10am – 5pm (with a generous break)
31 January 2022 2pm – 5pm
01 February 2022 10am – 5pm (with a generous break)


How to apply

Interested applicants should apply to by 29 October 2021 at 5pm.

In your email, please provide 300 words which include:

  • Your experience (with links to LinkedIn or a CV)
  • What attracts you to join
  • What you can offer

If successful we would like to share the above with the other cohort members.

We will confirm places on the programme the week of 1 November 2021.


In partnership with UK Cohousing:

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