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At Power to Change, our mission is to strengthen community businesses to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges at a local level, including climate change.
7 Sep, 2021

Community energy

Analysis of our existing data suggests Power to Change is already one of the largest funders of climate action grants in the UK.

Our community energy initiatives include backing Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Partners, alongside Big Society Capital and Finance Earth: bringing solar farms into community ownership that deliver lasting community benefit.

Through our Next Generation programme, we are also supporting 11 community energy groups to develop and test innovative business models including electric vehicles charge points and renewable heat, all whilst engaging with the local community about energy production and climate action.

Not sure what community energy is?

What next?

Power to Change recognises that the climate and nature crisis is a serious risk to the pursuit of our charitable aims. As a foundation, we have an important part to play in supporting community businesses to adapt and mitigate to its effects, and help them to harness the huge new market opportunities.

So where do we begin when thinking about how to tackle climate change at a local level?

We go back to the communities themselves, and begin with engagement, encouraging conversations about climate change and how it is affecting people at a local level.

 ““We believe that climate injustice goes hand in hand with social injustice and that caring for the planet provides a huge opportunity to care for ourselves and our communities

Power to Change grantee

67% of community businesses are located in parts of the country where social and economic inequalities are rising (Power to Change strategy 2021-25.) The climate crisis is a ‘threat multiplier’ that exacerbates existing local issues such as air quality or food poverty and creates new injustices such as exposure to extreme weather, disproportionately impacting low income and other marginalised communities.

We believe that the climate crisis is the biggest risk to developing resilient places that are better to live and work in for everyone. But even in crisis, there is opportunity… and hope.

Community businesses, with their unique combination of community engagement and local ownership and delivery are well placed to accelerate community climate action, as localised activities have been shown to build momentum and mobilise more people to get involved.

Educating ourselves

To understand what can be done, our entire team has taken AimHi’s Climate and Sustainability Leadership programme. We are committed to building the knowledge of the team, particularly around the key causes and solutions of the climate crisis, and now we want to offer this opportunity to the community business sector.

Want to find out more?

Join us for the free Climate and Sustainability Leadership Course, designed for the community business sector.

Hosted by Power to Change and delivered by AimHi, this solutions-focused, live and interactive 5-part course will be running free for the community business sector during Great Big Green Week, starting Monday 20 September – Thursday 23 September (every evening at 5.30pm – 6.30pm), with the final session coinciding with COP26 on Monday 8 November.

What is the course about?

Bringing together the expertise of top-level scientists, educators, behavioural psychologists and expert communicators, alongside the community businesses that are delivering local solutions on the ground, you will come away with a solid understanding of the key climate concepts and the transforming landscape in which community businesses operate, as well as a toolkit of solutions and communication skills.

Stay tuned                                                              

We will be announcing more events, and information about how we intend to encourage community climate action.

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