MyCake offers a series of business and strategy tools to the non-profit sector focused on making data available for strategic decision making. At the heart of this is a suite of online bookkeeping and benchmarking services to support organisations to better manage their finances and benchmark their financial data against peers in their industry.

MyCake has developed, and currently administers, a financial dataset for Power to Change which holds annual profit and loss and balance sheet data on approximately 350 grantees and applicants, from 2013 onwards. This data is used across Power to Change: to steer the direction of programme activities strategically, for internal research purposes, and to support actionable insights for Community Businesses in published documents such as the Impact Report2 and Community Business Success Guides.3 MyCake is also working with Power to Change partners, including Locality, Plunkett Foundation and Co-ops UK, on several financial data, benchmarking and analysis projects