Natalie joined Power to Change in January 2019. Her current role of Development Officer sees her contributing to the delivery of a range of projects focused on advocating for community business and improving market conditions.

Natalie enjoys her varied role as she is able to be involved in multiple work streams and spot opportunities for collaboration. She previously worked as Power to Change’s Research & Development Coordinator which gave her a unique perspective across the directorate.

Prior to joining Power to Change, Natalie held an administrative position in the green energy sector. She also worked at Windmill Hill City Farm – a Power to Change grantee – where she picked up first-hand experience of working in a community business.

Outside of work, Natalie enjoys spending sunny days on her vegetable plot with her chickens.

“Having worked for a Power to Change grantee, I have first-hand experience of the positive impact community business has on the lives of individuals – this inspires me in my daily work”