You’ve successfully made it through the start-up phase but your community business may still need funding to help it move towards financial sustainability. Find out how to diversify your income streams, manage volunteers and engage your community more to keep your business growing.

Below you’ll find some good places to start looking for advice, including a list of support providers. This list is not exhaustive and it’s worth contacting your local council, Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) or other community businesses in your area for support.

Blending different sources of finance can be the way to go for many community businesses

Business tools

From refining your business plan to developing staff, this list of business tools will help you develop your community business to become less grant-dependent. You might also be interested in our ‘starting out’ business tools.


Power to Change support at Fordhall farm

Support providers

There are several support providers who’ve been helping communities develop their ideas into businesses for years. Here is a list of support providers, although do get in touch with your local council and LEP for local support.


Our ambition is to transform places. Like Burton Street Foundation, a Power to Change grantee in Sheffield, has

Raising funds

As a trading business you might still need to raise funds for particular projects to accelerate your business towards sustainability.

If you’re looking for financial support for your organisation or project here is a list of funders that might be able to help.

SAFE beekeepers

Industry-specific support

If you’re looking to diversify your business, you may find these industry-specific tools helpful. Although business principles are similar, running a community pub is different from running a community football pitch. Find a list of some industry-specific support here. You could also look for support from corporate partners in your local area who may be able to give you sound business advice.