What works: Successful sport and leisure community businesses

This short report takes a look at the enablers to success for community businesses in the sports and leisure sector. It is part of a series of reports into ‘what works’ for community hubs and community businesses in the sports and leisure and health and wellbeing sectors. It was produced by SERIO, an applied research institute at the University of Plymouth.

Sports and leisure community businesses aim to ensure their financial sustainability by diversifying their income (e.g. by hosting events and marketing existing or new services to new customers), having a strong financial and operational management team and forming strong partnerships with specialist partners (in order to sign post or bring services in house) as well as schools, groups and clubs so as to maintain a visible profile in the local community.

We looked at Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa, Origin Sports, Projekts MCR, Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre and Timperley Sports Club.

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