Supporting analysis of the Community Business Market in 2017

This technical appendix supports Power to Change’s 2017 report on the community business market. It provides more detail on the technical details of estimating market size for individual sub-sectors, and for the market overall.

There are three appendices in this document.
– Appendix A covers the survey and qualitative methods adopted on the primary
– Appendix B details the secondary analysis method and findings resulting from
the exploration of the Financial Analysis Made Easy (FAME) sample frame
developed by Roper and Bonner (2017). This data was used to supplement
survey findings for market estimation, especially data on income, as well as
staff and volunteer numbers.
– Finally, Appendix C details the secondary analysis and results from Power to
Change’s grantee database. This is the main source of estimates of asset size
in the sector in the main report.

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