Power to Change response to consultation paper on Social Investment Tax Relief

In this response Power to Change are responding to the following questions:

Q1: If you are a social enterprise, are you interested in or planning to scale up? How do you intend to achieve this and how much do you hope to raise in investment?

Q2: Other than individual investors, what sources of finance do trading social enterprises seek and acquire?

Q3: How difficult or easy is SITR to access for social enterprises?

Q4: What are the factors that lead to a successful trading social enterprise?

Q5: Do you think social enterprises need private investment and for what purposes?

Q6: Is tax the most appropriate government lever for supporting funding for social enterprises?

Q7: What criteria would be best measure of success for SITR?

Q8: Is the SITR limit of £1.5 million appropriate?

Q10: Would you invest in social enterprise without tax relief?

Q14: As an investor, enterprise or interested party, do you have a view as to why the take up of SITR has been less than expected?

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