‘Good work’ and community business

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This report examines what good work means in challenging times, with a focus on how community businesses are able to provide work which is fair, decent and rewarding within diverse and often challenging operational contexts.

The research involved a review and further analysis of existing data sources, in-depth interviews with employees, volunteers and leaders in eight case study community businesses, and two focus groups.

The findings have also informed the development of a ‘Pathways to good work’ toolkit, available in the Appendix and as a standalone document. This sets out the practical steps that community businesses can take to improve working conditions in their organisation.

This research was funded in 2019 by a grant from the Power to Change Research Institute’s open call for research. These grants aimed to support the community business sector and its partners to deliver the evidence the sector needs for its own development, and to make the case for the value of community business. The open call for research grant programme has now closed, in line with Power to Change’s new strategy and direction. The work and any views presented are the authors’ own.