Cuckmere Community Bus

The Cuckmere Community Bus Ltd (CCB) was established in in 1976 in East Sussex with the primary aim of providing reliable and accessible transport to residents in the Cuckmere Valley region who do not have access to a car. It was set up in response to the lack of commercial and public transport in the area because of low passenger volumes and, therefore, profitability. CCB serves all residents in the area but is particularly used by older passengers (aged 60 onwards), many of whom have mobility issues, to get into the local town from surrounding villages.

The steady growth in both CCBs assets and the network of routes it serves is a key part of its success story. It has expanded from a two bus operation (loaned from East Sussex County Council) running four days a week and involving eight volunteers in 1976 to a community transport organisation (CTO) that now has eight 16-seater fully accessible low floor minibuses that deliver on 25 local bus service routes seven days a week, with the help of a 70-strong volunteer workforce.

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