Common good land use in England: state of the sector report 2019

Shared Assets is a social enterprise think and do tank that promotes land management for the common good, rather than personal gain. Tentatively estimating that there are 900 ‘common good land users’ in England, this state of the sector report looks at those that are community businesses.

Asking what these land based community businesses do and what their support networks look like, it finds that most are managing small parcels of land, such as woodland, horticultural land, parks or a mixture of all three. They rely on part time staff and volunteers and are more likely to turn to other local businesses and the community than tap into national support organisations. Though reporting some confidence in their business and financial planning skills, most of the community businesses desired more skilled staff with expertise in planning, land law and identifying more secure funding streams.

Including recommendations for current and future common good land users, as well as land owners, funders and policy makers, the report is accompanied by a Quick Guide to common good land use.

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