Bristol Community Land Trust (Success Factors)

Bristol Community Land Trust (BCLT) was founded in 2011 as an industrial and provident society with the aim of developing community-led affordable housing for Bristol residents. The establishment of the Trust was supported by an initial grant of £40,000 from Bristol City Council who, in response to a shortage of affordable housing, had commissioned a study to explore the feasibility of setting up a community land trust in the city.

BCLT aims to empower the community to provide high quality affordable housing in an economically sustainable way. It successfully completed its first development of twelve houses in 2016 using a ‘selffinish’ model (in which future residents complete the building work on their own homes). The development (built on a vacant site previously owned by the city council in the north-east of the city) is comprised of five houses rented at affordable rates and seven houses sold under a shared ownership scheme to BCLT members. Using the revenue and collateral from their first project to finance the business, BCLT is in the process of developing its second site, with the intention of building a further 25 properties.

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