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We are Power to Change, the trust that backs community businesses in England. We help communities use shared power and business to transform where they live.

For community businesses

We are the trust that backs community businesses in England. We help communities use shared power and business to transform where they live.

Funding for your community business

Providing community businesses with match funding, helping them to increase their income through trading and supporting them to develop and launch community share offers. Check out our open programmes.

Peer network: Community Business Patchwork 

This free-to-join group is run by and for community led businesses in the UK. Set up in the wake of the pandemic, CB Patchwork offers space for solidarity and inspiration alongside practical peer support. Members meet bi-monthly online, and on their online platform can connect with other community businesses, share views on the members forum, upload news and stories about your community business.  

Find out more and join the group today, for free!

Visitor registration, without the paperwork 

Twine Visitor is a web and tablet app that allows your visitors to sign in to your activities and events quickly and easily. The accompanying dashboard will tell you more about who you’re reaching in your community. Find out more and sign up via Twine

Financial benchmarking  

  • Make the right funding and business decisions 

Make intelligent funding applications, improve your financial awareness and get instant access to the aggregated data you need to make those decisions. 

  • Discretely see how you compare to other community businesses 

Get an instant comparison with other businesses like yours using your own financial data anonymously and securely 

  • Learn more about the community businesses around you 

Twine Benchmark brings together really useful financial information from more than 650 community based businesses throughout England over a 5 year period to give you a rich source of data about how they’re doing. 

Why not try Twine Benchmark for free, for community businesses. 

Volunteer management  

Twine Volunteer is a free mobile app helping your volunteers record their contributions without any paperwork, and helping you better understand the work they’re doing. It’s a hassle-free way to keep tabs on your activities and projects and how much time and effort each requires. All the while facilitating social distancing and remote communication. Sign up today

How to start or develop your community business: My Community

For tools, tips and ideas for starting a community business, or growing and developing yours, or just making your community a better place, please see MyCommunity.

For local and regional government

Each local and regional authority knows its constituents the best, so where do we start adding value? We have a depth of experience in understanding what works to empower communities. Ways of turning insight into action. The methods by which communities and local authorities can act on the results of any survey, report or exploration of data.

This work builds on our successes to date, which have seen community businesses integrated into strategies from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the West Midlands Combined Authority as well as local authority approaches to asset transfer and other policies.

So from our popular and practical guides to tailored research commissioned by local authorities, we are here to help everyone who cares about this country to build back better. Find out more.

For policymakers

We enable decision-makers in Whitehall to connect with insights and voices of communities from across the country. And our work provides objective, rigorous evidence about not just what needs to be done to support communities, but also about how to do it – the means by which government policy can successfully strengthen and nurture our communities. With the most comprehensive evidence base on community business ever assembled, we are here to help make change happen. Find out more.

Our mission is clear.
At Power to Change, our mission is to strengthen community businesses to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges at a local level, including the three biggest challenges of our time: climate change, digital transformation and social inequalities.

Community businesses.
What are they then?

We believe what defines a community business is:

  • Local roots

A business started by local people that will benefit the immediate community around it.

  • Accountability to the local community

The local community must have a genuine say in how the business is run.

  • Trade for the benefit of the local community

Community businesses sell services and products in and around their local area.

  •  Broad community impact

Community businesses engage with a variety of different groups in their community and address different community needs. They may have a specific focus on a disadvantaged group, or support the local community more widely.


Community businesses are locally rooted


Accountable to the local community

For what?

Trading for the benefit of the local community


Aim for broad community impact

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