Working with local government – a guide for community businesses

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A new guide and webinar, designed to help community businesses understand and work with local government, and see what benefits they can offer to their local authorities
9 Oct, 2019

As community businesses provide support to many across the country, Power to Change is committed to support community business in England and giving people the tools to make a difference.

Power to Change recently launched our guide to local government for community businesses.

This guide offers practical guidance for community businesses to help them understand and engage better with their local authorities. Likewise, community businesses are not generally well understood by councils, so this guide focuses in part on how community businesses can explain and articulate what they do to councils and how to communicate the special value they can add.

To illustrate the guide, we held a webinar with Andy Hull, Councillor for Highbury West and Executive Member for Finance, Performance and Community Safety at London Borough of Islington about how community businesses can work with local government, which you can watch here.