Let’s talk/together: Power to Change joins new coalition to build a more connected society

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As the UK emerges from the Covid-19 lockdown, a new coalition is inviting us all to come together to build a kinder, closer and more connected society.
5 Jul, 2020

Power to Change has joined the Together coalition, which launches on 5th July – the birthday of the NHS. It aims to build on the community spirit and togetherness that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic during lockdown.

Together believes that we can create a better society by fostering community and togetherness across the UK and alongside Power to Change it has attracted support from a range of well-known organisations and individuals. The NHS, ITV, the Scouts, the Girl Guides, the British Paralympic Association, trade unions and the CBI are among those that have signed up to the campaign.

Together wants to:

  • hear from people across the UK – to understand what unites us, what divides us and what we share.
  • increase the number of people taking part in activities that bring us together such as volunteering and national events.
  • build a coalition of organisations to champion the policy change and practical action that is needed to build a more united and connected society.


Our CEO Vidhya Alakeson invites you to join her in making the Together pledge: “The COVID-19 crisis has exposed new divisions in our society and deepened some that were there before – by class or geography, by politics, age, race or faith. Yet in some ways it has brought us closer, showing people at their best – volunteering, helping neighbours, protecting those at greatest risk, pulling together as communities.

“Every one of us – from the government and institutions to communities and individual citizens – can play a part in building a kinder, closer and more connected society. We at Power to Change support the Together campaign and will play our part in making the next ten years a Decade of Reconnection.”

How else can you get involved?

  • Pledge to get involved.
  • Encourage friends, colleagues, employees to take part in Talk/together, the biggest public survey since the census.
  • When Together launches the open call for evidence in September 2020, contribute your ideas and views. You can submit evidence using phones or making short films that can be used on social media.
  • Organise your own talk/together activities and send in your findings. Once it is easier to meet, you could use a tablet computer and take out the open survey and complete it with members of the public.


Find out more about Together.