Response to The Grimsey Review’s ‘Build Back Better’ report

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Today, The Grimsey Review published "Build Back Better: Covid-19 Supplement for town centres". Power to Change, an independent trust supporting community business in England, responds.
20 Jun, 2020

The report argues: Covid-19 can be disruptive shock to change high streets for the better; and that post pandemic town centres will need the most radical shift in power from central government to local communities ever seen if high streets are to remain relevant.

Power to Change statement:

Welcoming the report, Power to Change’s policy manager Tom Hamilton-Shaw, said:

“This is a pivotal moment for the UK’s high streets. While they have been struggling for decades, the Covid-19 crisis has drastically accelerated their decline. The old model is broken and now is the time to rethink them entirely.

“The Grimsey Review’s ‘Build Back Better’ report hits the nail on the head – communities are central to the future renewal of our high streets post Covid-19. There needs to be much less importance placed on retail. Instead high streets need to become the beating heart of civic life – with spaces to learn, to connect with people, as well as to trade.

“Community businesses have an important role to play. Led by local people who are rooted in their area, they are best placed to deliver for their community. Giving them greater control and ownership over their high streets is the best way to create stability, sustainability and foster a strong sense of local pride.”


About Power to Change
Power to Change is the independent trust that supports community businesses in England.

Community businesses are locally rooted, community-led, trade for community benefit and make life better for local people. The sector owns assets worth £890m, and comprises 9,000 community businesses across England who employ 33,600 people. (Source: Community Business Market 2019)

From pubs to libraries; shops to bakeries; swimming pools to solar farms; community businesses are creating great products and services, providing employment and training and transforming lives. Power to Change received its endowment from the National Lottery Community Fund in 2015. @peoplesbiz

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