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Why Power to Change is opening up its grants data
1 Aug, 2017

“More data, accessible to more people”

Kate Stewart, Director of Programmes

There is no reason that trusts and foundations should be left behind by the move towards data transparency. Indeed, there is no real excuse to let that happen.

Trusts like Power to Change are, rightly, trying to learn as we progress, so that we are better funders and make the smartest and most effective decisions in the future. And we want to work alongside councils, corporates, charities and more, to have the biggest impact we can in a relatively short time.

All this cries out for collecting and sharing relevant data, from us and from the people with whom we work. There is everything to gain, and plenty of reasons to embrace greater transparency.

This is why we pledged last year to put our grants data online, openly and easily accessible for anyone who wants to see it. As of last week, all of our grants data up to December 2016 is now on our Research Institute website.

In this we are taking up the challenge provided by the excellent 360 Giving, to publish data in an open and standardised (and thus comparable) form. Power to Change is hardly the first organisation to do it – we are the 42nd to sign up – but we are very proud to be part of this movement.

And it doesn’t stop here, of course. As soon as our data beyond December 2016 is ready, this will go up too, and so on as our grants continue.