Move over NIMBYS, today people want “COMMUNITY IN MY BACKYARD”

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People today are looking to take action to make their own neighbourhoods better and forming a new generation of CIMBYs
4 May, 2018

This research highlights the concern people across the country have about the loss of local spaces and services and the lack of community power

  • 34 million “CIMBYS” want to take action to improve their local area
  • Two-thirds (65%) are frustrated in their local area and half (52%) ready to set up a community business to take power into their own hands


New research to mark the first day of Community Business Weekend (4th-7th May 2018, #CBwkd18) has revealed that over 34 million members of the public would like to see more community action to save local resources and provide local services. [1]

The majority surveyed (77%) want to see local people take on the running of places and services neglected for so long – from pubs to hubs, shops to cinemas, farms to parks. Nearly half (49%) are prepared to take action themselves to make this happen.

But the nation’s CIMBY desires are being held back as many claim that they don’t see enough investment in their local area, with services and spaces needlessly dying when local people are poised and willing to take action. For example, 60% believe their local library is at risk of closure, half feel locally-run shops may close and a third (34%) have seen a local pub at risk from closing down.

The findings come on the first day of Community Business Weekend where hundreds of community businesses around the country will be throwing open their doors and encouraging local people to seize the opportunity to be the difference in their communities.