Government announces £8.7m to council-led partnerships for public services, economic growth and land for housing

Power to Change welcomes the Government’s announcement on Monday that 56 council-led partnerships will receive £8.7 million to improve public services, stimulate economic growth and free up land for thousands of new homes.

Power to Change urges councils to consider the merits of community-led housing when they are looking at how best to use land to stimulate new housing. Community-led housing is already demonstrating an ability to mobilise popular support for housing growth because it is led by the community, trusted by the community and responds directly to the needs of that community. Council-led partnerships that include community-led housing groups could help drive local regeneration, overcome local resistance to development and draw in additional funding from foundations and social investors that will help support the supply of much needed affordable housing.  East Cambridgeshire District Council, for example, has identified community-led housing as the primary delivery mechanism for affordable homes because local communities in the area have become so resistant to development by mainstream providers.


Vidhya Alakeson

Chief Executive, Power to Change