Exploring sustainable community business models through work with 6 BAME organisations in London and Manchester

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A new evaluation report for Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL) by The Ubele Initiative
20 Feb, 2019

Evaluation Report for Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL) is the newest publication produced by The Ubele Initiative, an intergenerational social enterprise that helps to build more sustainable communities across the country. Ubele run Mali Enterprising Leaders project to seek how to create community business opportunities intergenerationally within BAME community organisations in the UK.

In 2015, The Ubele Initiative produced ‘A Place to Call Home’ report to present the result of their research conducted thanks to Locality. They found that there was an urgent need for targeted support, advice, capacity building, organisational development work and investment to help some of the BAME organisations retain and grow or gain new premises.

Ubele decided to help community organisations involved in business enterprise and finally address the issue of support to enable them to grow. They applied for funding to Power to Change to implement a programme of intervention.

Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL) project became the first 18-month community business pilot project of its kind. It involved working with 6 BAME organisations in London and Manchester to increase awareness of current and emerging trends in asset development and community enterprise.

Yvonne Field, Founder and Managing Director of The Ubele Initiative said: “I am delighted to launch the evaluation report from Mali Enterprising Leaders. This 18 month project funded by Power to Change offers an important insight into the support needs and aspirations of BAME led organisations with community. It also sheds light on the interventions offered, some of the main outcomes and impact achieved. The report makes as series of recommendations that will not be of interest to other BAME led organisations but also to mainstream organisations and institutions which aim to actively support the development of the BAME social business sector. The report suggests that this is just the beginning of a much needed journey, especially as stories are still emerging about the urgent need to create more sustainable BAME led community spaces. We hope that those reading this report will take note of the lessons learnt and collaborate with us and others to create vibrant, inclusive and sustainable BAME led community based spaces into the future.”

On Saturday, 27th April 2019 Ubele is organising a 1-day course to support the use of another key MEL project output – BME-led Community Enterprise Toolkit – Cultivating Diversity (2018). If you would like to already register your interest, please email The Ubele Initiative at info@ubele.org



Notes for Editors:
Photo attached: Mali Enterprising Leaders final event in Manchester, June 2018
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14th February 2019