Twine apps, developed by Power to Change to help support community businesses with their admin, workflows and data collection, are entering their next phase under new ownership.

From Monday 2 May, Digital Commons will be the new owner of the Twine Volunteer and Twine Visitor apps with the Benchmark dashboard transferring to the Institute for Community Studies.

What does this mean for community businesses?

For users of either Twine Volunteer or Visitor apps, the data processor will change from Power to Change to Digital Commons on 2 May 2022, community businesses data will stay in the same secure place covered by existing privacy policy and T&Cs. Digital Commons will continue to provide the same level of service and free access to the applications for the foreseeable future.

Twine: the story so far

Community businesses and Power to Change have been on a fascinating learning journey co-developing the Twine portfolio. Starting as an SMS-based survey tool to better understand user experiences, Power to Change then developed the Twine Volunteer and Twine visitor applications to practically help manage essential activity, finally adding Twine Benchmark, a dashboard allowing community businesses to benchmark financial and trading data with sector/geographical peers helping them to get a better understanding about performance and support for business planning.

The case for change

As Power to Change was due to close in 2022, their custodianship of the Twine was only ever temporary, with the organisation eventually needing to find new owners to take on the apps. Over the past couple of years as the organisation adapted to Covid-19 and developed a new strategy, the decision was taken to continue with the transfer of the Twine assets into community hands; owners who could could take the apps and build upon them adding more value through widening the user base, strengthening the user community and further refinement of the services

Power to Change are working alongside Digital Commons Cooperative (a Community Benefit Society) for the transfer of Twine Volunteer and Visitor apps. Digital Commons already host community and co-operative mapping applications, and have aspirations of creating a secure host for many more community focused software and data projects; providing Twine products with a great home.

What happens next

Nothing will change for current Twine users and the apps will remain free. Data will stay in the same place and be covered by the same privacy policy, with Digital Commons taking over the data processor role from Power to Change when the transfer of the apps is complete. Over the next year, the Twine website content will move across to Digital Commons’ website and they will embark on a campaign to attract new users to Twine as well as investigating complementary uses for the software.