The renewal of communities

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Community businesses give stability and a sense of belonging to villages, towns and cities across the nation. Jobs and opportunities. Somewhere to meet and a friendly face to say hello to.

During the worst days of the pandemic we were all reminded of how important community can be – working through the challenges of life and helping us come to terms with change.

We champion community businesses. We provide support where it’s needed most. We have invested over £100 million into community businesses. Two-thirds of this money and support went into the 30% most deprived areas.

But we haven’t finished.

Since we started, the number of community businesses has more than doubled in just over 5 years and approx. 6,400 community assets are now in local hands. From parks to pubs, libraries to leisure centres.

We support communities to take over the spaces that are important to them and connect them with others who can help. Together we support the vital spaces, places and services that underpin community development and regeneration.

We also work to ensure no-one is left behind. We help local people invest in themselves and each other. Our support enables community businesses to create voluntary opportunities and jobs, often for those who face challenges accessing opportunities elsewhere.

So, take a look at these communities achieving amazing things, taking back control of their local area to build a future that suits them, their neighbours and their children.

Across the country change is happening. Want in?

We believe that communities play an important role in local recovery

Communities are the experts of their place

Increased power brings opportunities

Reviving a sense of regional pride