Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre

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Stocksbridge Leisure Centre, closed by the council in 2013, is now running at a surplus by and for the community.

Organisation type

Sports and leisure


Yorkshire and Humber

Award date

February 2016

Key objectives & Outcomes

Grant purpose

To renovate the main swimming pool and improve energy efficiency to lower running costs for the leisure centre.

Community health and wellbeing

With the closure of the leisure centre, the community would have to travel 30 minutes to gain access to public sports facilities. Now they have back a broad and increasing range of different sports; squash, indoor bowls, a fitness suite and swimming.

Broad community impact

Once the community got the keys back from the local authority, 300 volunteers worked round the clock to get it open again. A hard core of 50 volunteers work at the centre on a regular basis and their attendance levels are higher than before.